So another month comes to a end (yes, I know it’s a leap year :o) seems to have gone by so fast.

Been working on a couple of issues involving my computer, living arrangements, and work related problems, but should have updates for the page up by next weekend. I’ve been staying clear of YouTube and other sites for the most part (unfortunately zippcast hasn’t been very reliable for me so I can’t really use it, though I try almost daily to log in, but the timeouts prevent me from watching anything or even visiting my contacts pages so…) So I mostly stay inside my own music/video collection, watching old movies and listening to old albums, taking notes and looking for ideas on new videos/nightcore remixes… Seeing I don’t have any good software to work with, my options are rather limited if I want to put good quality files out there. Anyway, I find many of my favorite nightcore remixes have already been mixed and uploaded on the tube by others (ie ACDC), but since some of them the quality is very poor (honestly, some of them I don’t even know how they can call it nightcore), I’m considering uploading my own anyway… once I get more comfortable with the editing software I have I might do just that. In the meantime though, I’ll stick with ones I can’t find in my searches. I’ve sent a couple by Metallica to metarubibappu, but I’m not entirely satisfied with how they sound, so I’ll probably end up having them removed, and possibly give them another try…

This one turned out quite nicely, I didn’t fuss much over the settings, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out: