Ok, so after much trial and error, encoding and re-encoding, fussing around with settings and options I won’t pretend to even begin to understand (at least, not when I started out), I finally manage to complete my first amv in HD quality… more or less.

Seems no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get the video file to convert properly during editing and file creation. Using divx however, I manage to fit very good quality video (sigh, it passes for HD, and I’m well enough satisfied, but we all know it actually looks somewhat better on the DVDs xD) in a very respectable 35mb file. I didn’t include the sound track from the anime over the music for the uploaded version, but I’m still considering it for the next ones. I posted it on the amv page that links in the menu above.

For the rest, been laying kind of low these past days… started looking MTG cards again, actually played a couple duels with a friend whom I didn’t even know till recently enjoyed playing. The taking out of the card boxes, deck polishing and face off encounters between him, me, and some other interested players in the vicinity remains a distinct possibility for the immediate future xD

Going to start really taking care of the menus, putting up the major pages and laying out decent foundations for them, and see about ranting out some other random blog over the weekend… oh, it would appear youtube finally got something right, and correctly linked the music for the Gunslinger Girl amv on the player page. Though the copyright claim still says WMG (I suppose it’s possible after all…), at least it links to the correct artist. Not having that link while the content is claimed, plus WMG and other companies being linked to weird flags on audio content uploaded to youtube, made me quite weary of taking any WGM claim at face value… but hurray, The People Behind, if still not Volcano Is Me, is being properly identified by this w/e system of cash ‘n tag :P

Now if they could at least properly identify a commercial link next time they want to stick ads on my work… sigh… Hey, they did it right for #3 and #4 (amv Cowboy and Attack)… why not on the Raised Fist ones? Heck, can’t really tag #5 or #6 (free mp3 downloads… though I can link that myself :)… and seeing Frail Humanity is on iTunes, you can bet I’ll ask them to tag and link to that when I finish my last version for amv2…

There, enough mindless chatting to myself. Over. Done. Back to w/e, something else, not this. So whoever you are out there reading this (or not, but then it won’t matter… though I probably should at some point, just to make sure of the spelling) take care, and have a good night, or day, or final seconds before clicking away to somewhere else.