Okay, as soon as I’m done encoding this final version (there was a mistake in the album for the song used… of all things to make it in all the way up to now lol) I will be done with remaking my 2nd amv. I’ve looped it for some time now, often going back to the master file to crop/move around frames… and I’m pretty satisfied with how it is now. I updated my /AMV page, and should upload the divx to animemusicvideos.org for sharing within the day.

I might hold on putting it up on youtube until I’m up to writing to the musicians about the updated video xD They gave me good feedback on the first version, so I’m sure they’ll like this one…

Not much else to add, I’ve looked over my other videos… won’t remake any other ones unless I come across the DVDs. For now I’m more focused on following a couple of new series, and I’m still not done with Samurai X or re-watching the other old favorites I told myself I was going to. My few ideas about new amv probably won’t go very far though, what 2-3 now already on the board and stalled? :P … but I am making notes of Soul Eater as I finish the series… getting the feeling that with the right music I would really enjoy making editing one about this show, so chances are my next one will be with that anime.